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Poem of the Month

If They Kill me

If they kill me, I’d rather you sing my name than curse the ground

If the grave holds me, it will embrace me better than this world ever did

If the dirt keeps me, it is but my broken body; it is but for a moment

The twinkling of an eye

A legacy bronzed in blood

will be planted like a seed


water the tree of righteous indignation

If they kill me

while I am resting in my home

There is a perfect rest waiting for me

In an eternal home

But you have my blessing

to rage holy hell on earth

until we meet again

If my Blackness is the cause of my death

And I know demise before I become the fire next time

Be the fire next time

For me

I promise, I will see the smoke from heaven

And it will be a heavy kind of hallelujah

If I die tomorrow

Know I have loved myself into a million revolutions

And God has loved me into an eternity

And though supremacy bruises and beats me with a fist

Bury me raising my own

For my final protest

Will be my joy

But please

If they kill me

Still teach your mouth to smile

Tell your tongue to praise

Don’t let them take my song

Or my name

For my soul is the revival

They never could keep


-Queen G

Queen G Poetry 2019 ©

Lost At Sea by Queen G